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Wydawnictwo Naukowe EDUsfera (EDUsfera Academic Press)
Drukarska 45/38, 53-311 Wrocław, Polska

EDUsfera Academic Press is conducted as part of the company: EDUsfera. Ewa Jurczyk-Romanowska
Drukarska 45/38, 53-311 Wrocław,
NIP 5471830063, REGON 385633764
phone number: +48500858921

The editor-in-chief of the Journal is Prof. zw. dr. hab. Stefania Walasek.
The journal “Family Upbringing” is registered in the Register of Journals and Periodicals under the number 3267.

Historical data
Affiliation in 2016-2022: Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Wroclaw
Affiliation in 2011-2015: Department of the History of Education of the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Wroclaw and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Giant Mountains State University of Jelenia Gora.
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