Is love colour-blind? Interracial adoption in Canada and in the United States
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Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN Instytut Pedagogiki Specjalnej, Szkolnej i Szkolenia Nauczycieli ul. R. Ingardena 4 Kraków 33-332
Submission date: 2014-07-01
Final revision date: 2014-08-14
Acceptance date: 2014-08-14
Publication date: 2014-08-14
Corresponding author
Łukasz Albański   

Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN Instytut Pedagogiki Specjalnej, Szkolnej i Szkolenia Nauczycieli ul. R. Ingardena 4 Kraków 33-332
Wychowanie w Rodzinie 2014;9(1):41-48
This paper outlines the experiences of interracial adoption in Canada and the United States. The focus is on pre- and post-adoption services as well as some of the cultural socialization strategies employed by families. Challenges in developing healthy racial identity are also discussed. The unique experiences of interracially adopted children and parents help to take another look at multicultural family planning.
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